Cloud Services

As the world of business moves towards the inevitable—the fully encompassing, fully operational premise of business in the cloud, Kyocera Intelligence recognizes that though many wish to embrace the new world order, the path to success can be a long road.That is why Kyocera has created a comprehensive cloud solution platform, one that addresses ever-evolving business needs, as well as the processes, security, and infrastructure needed to fulfill those needs.Now, with our full compliment of products and services including ‘Traditional’, ‘Utility’ and now ‘Cloud”, your path to success can become clearer—and shorter. As you evolve through the logical path, knowing that traditional IT—though robust and secure—is in itself changing, we can help you migrate your business infrastructure, ensuring business process progresses, and leads to higher productivity and thus superior results.

Proactive Managed IT Services

Transform your day-to-day IT management responsibilities with solutions and services designed to enhance your IT operations.Businesses rely on technology and those who manage that technology can often be overwhelmed with requests from management to implement new initiatives; requests from staff for desktop support; while at the same time planning and reporting on major projects. As a result, daily tasks get overlooked, postponed, or neglected. IT staff are simply too busy to attend to them, causing potential issues and fueling problems.Furthermore, did you know that most industries spend less than 15 percent of their IT budgets on innovation, meaning that most of an IT budget goes to maintenance and support of IT operations?

​Today, technology is the backbone of business operations so it’s critical that you implement the right solution. When you implement Kyocera’s award winning managed IT services solution, you’ll see increased operational efficiency and greater integration with business goals and objectives.With Kyocera Intelligence, you’ll have an IT partner who can assume complete responsibility for your IT infrastructure—managing everything from desktop support to network and security management, freeing you to focus on your core business initiatives.

Proactive Managed IT Services Benefits:
•   Delivers explicit and predictable service deliverables based on a fixed monthly fee
•   Links business processes to IT strategies and plans
•   Increases the value of information provided by IT
•   Manages change initiatives
•   Reduces critical system failures
•   Reduces the frequency and severity of preventable IT problems
•   Delivers guaranteed and measured service levels

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